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Non-Destructive examination on Concrete SILO using Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Testing

Non-Destructive examination on Concrete SILO using Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Testing method is the advanced technique Qualitest uses more often. Qualitest Canada provides Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Scanning on various Concrete structures like Silo, MSC wall, Dams, Floors, tanks etc through its highly qualified Engineers and Inspectors. Qualitest Inspectors perform this Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Scanning services throughout Canada including Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Sarnia, Milton, St. Catharines, Ottawa, Brampton, London, Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener, Windsor, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, Victoria, Kitimat, Dawson Creek, Kelowna, Kamloops, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Regina and Saskatoon.

Qualitest Canada provides world-class engineering services including Welding Engineering, Geotechnical Investigation, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA Phase I, II and III), Construction Materials Testing Services, and Non-destructive Testing for Steel, Concrete and Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo (UPE).

Nondestructive Testing can help identify some of key structural features of the concrete silos. For example, many the design documents are often lost or poorly maintained for some of the older concrete silos. Rebar spacing, and rebar size information can help structural engineers in evaluating the load bearing capacity of the silo structure. Structural flaws cause severe damage and collapse. Ultrasonic Pulse Echo (UPE) is an advanced imaging technique used to detect defects in concrete structures. Ultrasonic testing provides information on the strength and quality of concrete Silos, and it can be used to determine voids, honeycombs, delaminations, pipes, cracks, and defects within the Silo structure. The ultrasonic pulse-echo (UPE) technology extends ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) applications to objects where access is limited to a single side. Qualitest uses the PD8050 for UPE testing, the World’s Lightest Wireless Ultrasonic Imaging System with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Capabilities.

Qualitest provides ultrasonic pulse-echo (UPE) testing services for various types of Concrete silos throughout Canada. Our clients include federal and provincial government, contractors, developers, consultants, and owners.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo can be used to:

  • Location of subsurface defects of concrete such as flaws, cracks, honeycombing, and poor patches.
  • Measurement of thickness of concrete elements
  • Determination of concrete pulse velocity for homogeneity and strength estimation

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